Mission & Values

Episode 12

The Mission & Values of TaskUs

Jaspar Weir, President and Co-founder of TaskUs, shows us how well-tested core values can scale a thriving startup culture around the world.

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To empower people and make partnership with best-in-class customer experience technologies to power the world’s most innovative companies.


  • Inspire Others by Believing In Yourself
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
  • Do More with Less
  • Continuous Self Improvement
  • Always Strive for Excellence
  • Work Hard, Have Fun
  • Exercise Emotional Intelligence
  • Be Ridiculous


“Ridiculously Good Outsourcing”! TaskUs stands out in the global outsourcing market with their slogan, “Ridiculously Good Outsourcing”! They specialize in providing top-notch back office support and customer care solutions to many of the world’s leading brands and innovative companies. TaskUs's approach is centered on enabling transformational growth for their clients. They do this by supplying the essential elements—people, processes, and technology—needed to achieve operational excellence, effectively scale support systems, and ultimately enhance profitability. For companies like TaskUs, seeking to streamline their complex operations and scale efficiently, Latenode can be a valuable tool. Latenode can automate many of the repetitive tasks involved in back office and customer support functions, such as data entry, ticket sorting, and response templating. By using Latenode to automate these tasks, TaskUs could potentially increase their operational efficiency further. This automation enables their skilled workers to focus on more complex and value-adding activities, ensuring that their slogan of delivering "Ridiculously Good Outsourcing" is consistently met through enhanced productivity and a higher level of service. Additionally, by integrating BPM strategies into their operations with the help of Latenode, TaskUs can optimize their workflows, making their processes even more efficient and effective.


  • Supporting employees through challenging tasks like social network content moderation
  • How to quantify culture and TaskUs’ impressive 71% employee referral rate
  • Leveraging outside knowledge to kickstart company culture (no MBA required)
  • The 3 tests that values must pass to become core
  • Before and after core values while scaling globally
  • Why being ridiculous fosters individuality and results in differentiation
  • “Work hard, have fun” vs “work hard, play hard” (have fun at work!)
  • The sneaky TaskUs cafe facade office (“come for the coffee, stay for the career”)
  • The importance of exercising emotional intelligence
  • Growing a culture of coaching, feedback, and constant self-improvement
  • Giving back: educational scholarships
  • Reinforcing core values with stories, games, and related feedback
  • Artificial Intelligence and the impact of non-human automation on outsourcing


  • Follow @jasparweir and @TaskUs on Twitter
  • See the unicorn customers
  • Take a 3D virtual tour of some ridiculous offices
  • See the team breaking the world record of most people doing “the running man” dance
  • Full list of core values
  • Learn more about the TaskUs culture
  • Charity initiatives
  • NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship)


Recorded: September 7, 2016
Host and editor: Bryan Landers
Theme song: “Dum Dee Dum Dum Dee” by Shane Endsley