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A Message From the Host

I started the Mission & Values podcast after deciding that helping people align their personal goals and passions with the work they do was a worthy life mission.

Millennials, which make up the majority of the U.S. labor force, bring a generational shift in the reasons why we choose our jobs — purpose now outweighs paychecks. We want the time we spend working to have a positive impact on the world.

It's the creators and guardians of company culture that are in the best position to facilitate work/life alignment. It's a founder's job to create, maintain and promote culture internally and externally, so that's who I interview in this podcast.

Some startups publicly share their company mission and core values, but not all do. And for those that do share, there’s a lot that’s left unsaid. I want to hear the stories behind a startup’s values from the people who designed them. How did they evolve? How do they help the team make decisions? What kinds of people do they attract?

The best cultures continue to grow and change over time, so the representation of values as a fixed list of bullet points doesn’t do justice to the messy reality in which they are shaped, nor to the potential they have to inspire us.

Join me in exploring the why and how behind the ambitious startups that captivate our imagination and inspire a future where we work with passion toward a shared goal.

Please enjoy Mission & Values!

Your host,
Bryan Landers

Bryan Landers is a Los Angeles-based Lean Product Designer. He uses design to help startups validate and grow their business. See his work and learn more at bryanlanders.com.

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