Mission & Values

Episode 4

The Mission and Values of RadPad

Jonathan Eppers, CEO and Co-founder of RadPad, talks about co-founders risking everything to start up and growing a team dedicated to excellence and making magical experiences.

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To make mobility insanely easy and affordable for everyone.


We value diversity of ideas and thought, humility, god-gifted talent, passion, creativity and curiosity.


RadPad is an apartment rental marketplace where you can browse apartments, apply instantly, sign your lease, and pay your rent.


  • Remote co-founders and founder’s retreats
  • The impact of an identity rebrand on company culture
  • Maturing as a product, company, and as a CEO
  • Making magical customer experiences through product design
  • Leading by example, oversharing information, and empowering employees
  • Hiring, onboarding, employee perks, and retaining excellent talent
  • Discovering innate talent and the story of a persistent intern
  • Diversity within the growing team
  • Employee recognition: The Spirit of RadPad and President’s Cup awards
  • Go inside RadPad HQ, a.k.a. “Padlantis”


  • Explore available jobs at RadPad
  • See behind-the-scenes of the rebrand in “A New RadPad” on Medium
  • Watch Jon’s interview on 33voices “Inside RadPad’s Commitment to Put Renters First”
  • Watch co-founder Tyler share his side of the story about joining Jon and Tim to start RadPad
  • Learn more about Jon’s background on LinkedIn


Recorded: April 19, 2016
Host and editor: Bryan Landers
Theme song: “Dum Dee Dum Dum Dee” by Shane Endsley