Mission & Values

Episode 7

The Mission and Values of Level

Dan Miller, CEO and Co-founder of Level, gives us a look at culture formation in an early-stage healthcare tech startup.

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Empower everyone on Earth to achieve their highest potential.


Altruism and Transparency.


Level is a mobile app that provides access to psychotherapists through video, voice, and text. Manage your treatment throughout the week during and between sessions.


  • The origin story of Level and Dan’s personal introduction into healthcare tech
  • The current state of innovation in healthcare and the importance of mobile devices
  • Startups innovating in regulated, high friction industries
  • The barriers between 50M Americans that experience diagnosable mental health disorders and treatment
  • The impact of the Affordable Care Act on health insurance for mental health and wellbeing
  • Using design, respect, and transparency to combat the stigma of getting psychological help
  • Recruiting co-founders and employees in an early-stage startup
  • The beginning stages of forming shared values
  • The knowledge gap between professionals and consumers and the benefits of closing the information gap in healthcare
  • Advice for new healthcare tech founders and the hardest challenge: managing regulation designed to impede new entrants
  • Potential vs pathology: focusing on increasing potential vs mental diseases and disorders


  • Follow @DanMillerSF on Twitter and Medium
  • Dan’s feature on the Techies Project by Helena Price
  • Dan’s Medium post: Healthcare, Inequality, and Bubbles
  • Genome sequencing on Wikipedia
  • The Organized Mind by Daniel Levitin
  • The Affordable Care Act


Recorded: June 3, 2016
Host and editor: Bryan Landers
Theme song: “Veiled Heart” by Shane Endsley
Photo: Helena Price