Mission & Values

Episode 8

The Mission and Values of Laurel & Wolf

Leura Fine, CEO and Founder of Laurel & Wolf, gives us a look inside the creative and collaborative company culture of the best online interior design marketplace.

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If you change the space, you change the experience. We transform the way people live and work through the power of great design.


  1. We are People who care about People.
  2. We are Creative Thinkers.
  3. We are Optimistic.


Laurel & Wolf is the world’s premier online interior design marketplace. For a one-time flat fee per room, you can choose your favorite designer, design the perfect space through one-on-one collaboration, and DIY with a shopping list or opt for the ‘Buy for Me’ concierge service to have everything ordered, tracked, and delivered for you.


  • Go inside the well-designed space at Laurel & Wolf HQ in West Hollywood, Los Angeles
  • The benefits of being a Los Angeles-based startup and embracing diverse backgrounds
  • Diversity, inclusivity, and balance in hiring after initially skewing female in team gender makeup
  • How to win: with driven teammates supporting each other
  • Supporting employee career goals and growth and charity commitments
  • Laurel & Wolf’s fun monthly team activities (photo scavenger hunt, office graffiti art)
  • Why creativity and optimism are required to survive in a startup
  • Collaborative processes (brainstorms, creative challenges, town hall meetings, employee-led workshops)
  • How team dynamics impact morale more than goals or KPIs
  • Tackling problems together as an organization
  • Celebrating their 2nd anniversary and a recent rebrand completed in a single month


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Recorded: June 11, 2016
Host and editor: Bryan Landers
Theme song: “Dum Dee Dum Dum Dee” by Shane Endsley