Mission & Values

Episode 12

The Mission & Values of TaskUs

Jaspar Weir, President and Co-founder of TaskUs, shows us how well-tested core values can scale a thriving startup culture around the world.

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To empower people and make partnership with best-in-class customer experience technologies to power the world’s most innovative companies.


  • Inspire Others by Believing In Yourself
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
  • Do More with Less
  • Continuous Self Improvement
  • Always Strive for Excellence
  • Work Hard, Have Fun
  • Exercise Emotional Intelligence
  • Be Ridiculous


“Ridiculously Good Outsourcing”! TaskUs is a global outsourcing company that provides exceptional back office support and customer care solutions to some of the world’s most notable brands and disruptive companies. With a unique focus on transformational growth, they provide the people, process and technology needed to deliver operational excellence, to scale support systems and to increase the bottom line.


  • Supporting employees through challenging tasks like social network content moderation
  • How to quantify culture and TaskUs’ impressive 71% employee referral rate
  • Leveraging outside knowledge to kickstart company culture (no MBA required)
  • The 3 tests that values must pass to become core
  • Before and after core values while scaling globally
  • Why being ridiculous fosters individuality and results in differentiation
  • “Work hard, have fun” vs “work hard, play hard” (have fun at work!)
  • The sneaky TaskUs cafe facade office (“come for the coffee, stay for the career”)
  • The importance of exercising emotional intelligence
  • Growing a culture of coaching, feedback, and constant self-improvement
  • Giving back: educational scholarships
  • Reinforcing core values with stories, games, and related feedback
  • Artificial Intelligence and the impact of non-human automation on outsourcing



Recorded: September 7, 2016
Host and editor: Bryan Landers
Theme song: “Dum Dee Dum Dum Dee” by Shane Endsley